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Gone cycling

Thanks for visiting. I'm Rob, and I set off on a cycling trip in April 2022. I thought I'd set up a basic website for those interested in following my trip.

I pedalled away from my home in England, with a first destination of Nordkapp at the top of Norway. I then headed for the warmer climes of Southern Europe, with a short time in Morocco towards the end of 2022.

At the start of 2023, I started riding South from Los Angeles, through Latin America, and reached Ushuaia at the bottom of Argentina early 2024.

March 2024, I flew out to New Zealand to ride across there, and a bit of Australia, before flying to Tbilisi in Georgia to start a final leg riding back towards Europe by late 2024...

I'm keeping the main record of my trip on a "crazyguyonabike" journal. This will be updated regularly although might be a bit of a dry read (I cycled here ... then I cycled here ... etc!)

I'm backing up my photos to a public Google Photos album. Take a look here

I'm intending (hoping?) to cover some broader themes in the blog on this site - highlights, lowlights, more interesting happenings etc. This won't be updated that fact I've kind of given up on it for now but might post a couple more entries after I've finished the trip

In theory, this is the most frequently updated bit. I'm intending to post my location on this Google Map once a day - connectivity permitting

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